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*Note: Please DON'T modify my subs and claim it as yours. If this continues, SubRips won't be uploaded and only those that I trust can use it. I don't mind you guys uploading unmodified subs as long as it gives credits to me. The ones that are crossed out are probably because I don't have it, it's deleted for violation or I don't want to distribute it.*

Detective Conan

  Episode 663 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 664 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 665 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 666 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 667 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 668 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 669 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 670 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 671 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 672 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 673 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 674 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 675 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 676 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 677 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 678 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 679 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 680 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 681 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 682 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 683 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 684 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 685 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 686 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 687 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 688 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 689 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 690 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 691 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 692 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 693 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 694 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 695 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 696 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 697 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 698 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 699 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 700 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 701 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 702 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 703 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 704 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 705 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 706 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 707 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 708 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 709 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 710 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 711 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 712 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 713 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 714 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 715 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 716 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 717 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 718 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 719 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 720 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 721 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 722 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 723 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 724 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 725 HD SD SubRip


   Movie 17 *You'll need both parts to be able to extract the file*
     -EU HD Part 1 Part 2 SD

Special OVA

   Episode 12 HD SD SubRip

Magic Kaito

  Episode 07 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 08 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 09 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 10 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 11 HD SD SubRip
  Episode 12 HD SD SubRip